Yoga Exercise Body Muscle Relaxing Gear Massage Roller

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Great for cramping and tightness, help legs and back recovery.
Ergonomical and convex point design, ensure grip comfortable and antiskid.
Unique roller design, best for deep tissue massage, accelerates recovery.

Usage Method:
Children can be put in the palm, foot or body parts by pressing or extrusion, rolling massage, stimulate the skin helps nerve development actively, emotional stability.
Local weight loss massage: quickly break fat, save time and effort.
The head massage: improve the hair, prevent hair loss, scalp, insomnia, much dream, memory decline, complexion is dark yellow with wonders.
The foot massage: brush before hand to massage the soles, invigorate the circulation flow effect is better than manual massage more than 20 times, and highly efficient, brush for the whole leg fever, whole body unobstructed.
The leg lymphatic drainage massage, sculpture shape legs: is the best to eliminate edema, eliminate the leg small red rash, eliminate the leg is dry, remove the leg proud flesh, easily a brush, when the time work.
Back massage, can prompt the product according to the text, that the health of users. Usage: first, from top to bottom, neck, back, waist or abdomen, extremities after massage, the left side of the body, and then massage the right side of the body.
Head massage: use body brush from forehead to head, without smearing lubricant, each part about 30 times, scraping to the head, fever is appropriate
Neck massage: from top to bottom brush, so often scraping neck, with the prevention and treatment of disease.
The midline ren meridian lines, respectively, to the left and right sides (first left after the right brush from the inside-out along ribs to blow dry, pay attention to avoid the nipple area.
The abdomen massage: down on the abdomen by dredging(with splanchnic prolapse, should be clear from the bottom up) with spiral looped.
Lower limb massage: from the bottom upward dredge, that is to the dirty direction massage
Foot massage: massage from heel to foot and limb.

Item Name: Muscle Massage Stick
Quantity: 1Pc
Material: Plastic
Features: Massage Tools, Durable, Exercise Muscle
Length: 45cm/17.72" (Approx.)

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Package Included:
1 x Muscle Massage Stick